Hainault Forest Website

 Forest Light

A poem by Sarah White


Photo © Sarah White 2008


Thin silken light

falling through leaves like cobweb strands


Sharp piercing light

slicing the gloom onto bracken fronds


Soft blanket light

bathes slumbering grassy glade

where butterfly on last of season flight

disturbs the spot where dreams were made


Clear reflected light

turn trees topsy-turvy in woodland pond and puddles


Delicate dappled light

from birch and hornbeam canopy

makes mosaics on fallen leaves and footstep muddles


Welcome diffused light

invades dark corridors of still dense foliage.


Warm soothing light

draws sensuous scent from poplar grove,

a subtle perfume in any age.


Opaque watery light

of foggy noon and dripping, dewy dawn


Golden glowing light

gleaming on egg yolk yellow field maple and rusty hawthorn


Bright white light,

full frontal,

low level,




October sun, itís magic.


  © Sarah White 2008.