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Thick-thighed beetle

A poem by Sarah White

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Spare a thought for the thick-thighed beetle,

to be stuck with a name like that.

A perfectly elegant beetle

not even remotely fat.

His body is slim, his ankles are trim

his tummy is really quite flat.

In fact hes a bit of a dandy

With a coat iridescent green

a smart exoskeleton,

no cellulite on,

a remarkable figure is that.

The thighs?

Yes they are well developed

but like muscles, well toned and just right

for when danger comes near

no need to fear

the thighs help him




                              Sarah White 2007

Photo Sarah White 25th July 2007.

The Flower beetle Oedemera nobilis is common in the forest in 2007. It feeds on the pollen of many flowers. The wing cases or elytra are pointed and they gape showing the wings.

It is the male that sports the enlarged hind femora hence the name "Thick- thighed beetle". The female is thinner and lacks the enlarged hind femora.

Photo far left shows a male and two females on a wild rose.