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Common Frog Rana temporia

Pair of Frogs prepare for spawning in Roe's Well,

21st Feb 2007  Photo: Sarah White.

Frog spawn. Approx 100 batches in Roe's Well

28th February 2007.

Frog spawn batches in Roe's Well 28th February 2007.

FROG SPAWN in the lake 23.3.05. It appears as a gelatinous mass. Individual eggs can be distinguished.

Frog spawn developing in Roe's well.  28th March 2008

Bomb crater pond 15th March 2014. Lots of eggs masses. Newly laid spawn arrowed. They require water to absorb and develop which sadly is not always possible in this ephemeral pool.

Frogspawn present in Bomb crater pond 11th March 2017. Photo Brian Ecott. Unfortunately the bomb crater normally dries up before development is complete

Two  immature Common frogs found under log in plantation. Frogs normally mature at about 4-5 years old.  24th March 2017

A tiny common frog.

Frog frenzy! 26th February 2008 at Roes Well.

Tadpoles grazing algae - a green film on a piece of wood in the lake. Tadpoles become carnivores later when they start to grow their limbs. 30th April 2017. Photo Martin Bell.

Tadpole mass in in the Lake. 2nd May 2014,  Photo Michael Rumble

Tadpole Trail in the lake. Photo Michael Rumble, 2nd May 2014 Frog in Wildlife garden pond. 13th Oct.10. Photo Griff Holliday

FROG TADPOLE showing almost complete development. The legs are present, and the tail will be absorbed. 

Wake Valley Pond. August 1971.


Something has eaten a female frog and discarded the oviducts and egg mass on the grassland.

Lower Cabin Hill  25th Feb 2007.

Tadpole being devoured by a Great diving beetle larva. Tadpoles are the food of many aquatic creatures and pond-side animals.   Photo: May 1971 COMMON FROG  is distinguished from the toad by its smooth skin and a circular ear drum behind the eye. The adults will return to the pond at the age of 4-5.


 Edible frog Pelophylax esculenta

Edible frog at Lambourne End 26th May 2009.

Villagers were drawn to the loud call before finding it in a garden pond..

Marsh frog Pelophylax ridibundus

Marsh frog June 2001 London Wetland Centre, Barn Elms.

Common Toad Bufo bufo

Common Toads gathering in Wake Valley pond, Epping


Toad pair in the Lake.  7th April 2018  Photo Michael Trump

Left: COMMON TOAD   pair in amplexus.

The male is the smaller.

Right: Common toad eggs are laid in strings among the water weeds

Strings of toad spawn in the lake 31st March 2006.

A Common Toad has taken up residence in my garden. September 1970.

Toad spawn

Smooth Newt Triturus vulgaris

NEWTPOLE or EFT (Smooth/Palmate type)

Pictures show the feathery external gills.

Photo: July 2004  Sheepwater.


SMOOTH NEWT PAIR Triturus vulgaris.  As adults and non-breeding juveniles they are commonly found under stones and logs in the forest only returning to the water for a short period to breed. 

During the breeding season the male develops a crest and colourful tail.   Photo: May 1970

17th June 2008 Toad and Smooth Newt.


Young smooth newt under log.

Photo Raymond Small,  14th March 2017

Palmate newt Lissotriton helveticus

The Palmate newt male develops webbed hind feet during the breeding season. Not found in Hainault.

Photographed Brian Ecott. May 1998 in a High Beech pond