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 Moths and Caterpillars

Blood-vein Timandra comae on nettle.  © Michael Rumble. 27 June 2012

Mother Shipton Callistege mi flies May-June in sunshine. 6th June 2012 Photo © Michael Rumble.

Longhorn moth  Nemophora degéerella. Males swarm on still days around shrubs. © Michael Rumble  6th June 2012

Angle shades moth. Phlogophora meticulosa resting on nettle leaf.

29th April 2007.

DANCING MOTHS © Michael Rumble. Michael captured these long-horned moth males Adela reaumurella in flight on a still sunny day in late May 2011.

Old Lady moth Mormo maura in goat shed, 9th July 2009

Cream-spot Tiger moth Arctia villica britannica. When the wings open the second pair of wings are yellow with black margins to the tips. It is a local species occurring at sites in the southern England and East Anglia. 

 4th July 2013. © Michael Rumble


Micro-moth Pyrausta aurata 19th June 13   © Michael Rumble.

Yellow shell moth Cryptogramma bilineata 30 June 2013

Brown Silver-line moth

Petrophora  chlorosata.  Disturbed from vegetation, it normally flies at dusk. 

Photo: © Iris Newbery 20th May 2005

Red underwing moth Catocala nupta at rest. When disturbed flashes the red underwings. Flies August & September.

Pigmy moth.

Stigmella aurella. Larva forms mines in blackberry leaves


see also Leaf mines

Silver Y moth  Autographa gamma feeding on blackberry. An immigrant day flying moth. Common in 2003.

Mottled umber moth caterpillar, 

Erannis defoliaria on lime. 30mm.

 Photo: 17 May 2005

Mottled umber moth - male,

Erannis defoliaria. Flies October-December. The female is wingless, resting on tree bark where the eggs are laid.

Large emerald moth. Geometra papilionaria. Found flying in the heathland.


Oak Tortrix moth. Tortrix viridana

Moth flies around oaks in early June.

Six-spot  BURNET MOTH Zygaena filipendulae Caterpillar 2cm (left) on rush stem where it pupates (centre)

The Moth emerges in June (right).

Six-spot Burnet moth 22nd July 2013


Cinnabar moth © Michael Rumble 9th July 2013                            Cinnabar moth caterpillars 21st July 2013

Bagworm. Family Psychidae. Larval or pupal case of a small moth on Black poplar leaf. The male is day flying, the female is wingless and often remains in the case depending on the species. Ht. 7mm. 

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing moth caterpillar Noctua fimbriata, found in the wildlife garden 11th May 2009.

Common white wave caterpillar Cabera pusaria on Hazel leaf 13th Sept 2012.

Vapourer moth. Orgyia antiqua. The female is wingless and lives in a cocoon. The eggs are laid on the outside, where they overwinter. Photo: 20th August 2005 (left).  The caterpillar (centre) was photographed on 31st August 2005.

Common Quaker moth caterpillar  Orthosia stabilis  on oak or sallow Fully grown in June. Pupates in soil. 35mm.

 Figure of eight moth caterpillar

Diloba caeruleocephala  on blackthorn. 3cm. Photo: 17 May 2005

Shoulder stripe moth caterpillar Anticlea badiata feeding on Dog rose. 25mm. Photo: 22 May 2005

Pale tussock moth Calliteara pudibunda caterpillar 40mm. Yellow tufts on segments

4-7 with black bands in between. Red tail tuft.

Photo: 2nd October 2005.

The Sycamore caterpillar Acronicta aceris on oak leaf. 40mm.

Photo: August 2001 

 Knotgrass caterpillar Acronicta rumicis on Ash leaf. 35mm. Photo: 30 June 2005.

The Lackey moth. Malacosoma neustria. Caterpillar feeding on Blackthorn or Sloe on the Common Lambourne End.  50mm. 

Photo: 29th May 2006.

Poplar grey moth. Acronicta megacephala. Caterpillar feeding on Black poplar. There is a white blotch on the 10th segment. 30mm.

Photo: 20th August 2005.

The Buff-tip Phalera bucephala.

Caterpillar feeding on Oak leaves on Dog Kennel Hill. Feed from July to September, when they pupate in the soil. 35mm.

Photo: 5th September 2008

The Drinker moth Euthrix potatoria Caterpillar 25mm. on sheep wire Sept. 28th 2005 (centre). Feeds at night. Hibernates in grass tussocks. Awakes mid-April, resumes feeding (right) 60mm.

Yellow Tail moth caterpillar Euproctis similis on sallow. 25mm. Garden Tiger caterpillar 30th June 13. © Michael Rumble