Hainault Forest Website

 Autumn Leaves

A poem by Sarah White

a poem inspired by Hainault but a result of a number of contributions from children at my Forest School. 


Red leaves, yellow leaves

Pretty leaves and dead leaves

Dropping on the shed leaves

All fall down


Crunchy leaves, crackly leaves,

Smooth leaves, prickly leaves

Shiny leaves, sticky leaves,

All fall down


Soft leaves, hard leaves,

Blowing round the yard leaves,

Happy leaves, sad leaves,

All fall down


Squishy leaves, squashy leaves,

Dull leaves, flashy leaves,

Scrunched up and mashy leaves.

All fall down


Wet leaves, dry leaves,

Some that seem to fly leaves,

Dancing in the sky leaves,

All fall down


British rail and tea leaves.  

Vine leaves, yummy leaves

Yukky leaves, munchy leaves

All fall down


Soft leaves, bendy leaves,

Flexible and veiny leaves,

Spiky leaves, pointy leaves

All fall down


Bumpy leaves, grumpy leaves!

Rough leaves, itchy leaves

Minty leaves, tasty leaves

All fall down


Decomposed and smelly leaves,

Muddy leaves, clean leaves,

Slippy leaves, sloppy leaves,

All fall down


Holly’s leaves, Jess’s leaves

Alice leaves, Becky’s leaves.

Ellie’s leaves, Amy’s leaves

Everybody leaves!


Thank you wood, good-bye!