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WELCOME to my Website within which I hope to show you the  wonders of Hainault Forest from time immemorial - of History, Social History and the myriad of Wildlife to be found here which should whet the appetite of many specialities, and those who just want to enjoy the area for relaxation. Records and photographs gathered over many decades while living closeby are now supplemented with  photographs by Michael Rumble and Colin Carron.

We should remember those visionaries who in 1903 saved a small area of Hainault Forest for our use today.





Cowslips 17th April 2016

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Hainault Forest in the Thirties

Nature diary December 2016

Local Windmills

John Alison Farmer

Mother Balls of Havering

Hainault Forest in 1239!

Birds - revised

The Trevor Cartoons




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